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Improving productivity and reducing operational risk through industrial intelligence


FUSION is a cloud-based predictive platform that serves as a data and communications hub providing real time access to data from different components. Through this integrated approach FUSION provides tailored insights that help optimize operations for equipment operators and managers and improve overall business performance.​

Data is the key to solve the hardest industrial challenges and reach economic success.

A single excavator can produce up to 1 GB of data in a day. Companies can capitalise on it – the opportunity is there for the taking. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to generate up to $11.1 trillion annually by 2025, including an annual $4.6 trillion for industrial applications, such as predictive maintenance and operations management. 

This is a particularly relevant and inviting opportunity for heavy industry companies that are in the moment low-margin businesses and therefore, keen to improve their profitability.
This can be achieved in two ways: first by optimizing planning, design, engineering, construction and O&M, second by identifying new revenue streams through the optimum use of data. Yet, legacy IT systems are holding them back, creating barriers to digital transformation.

Put your data to work. Engine Intelligence by DEUTZ

Our purpose is to foster community for creating Industrial Intelligence.

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